About Vere Foster (1818 - 1900)

Vere Foster was born in Amsterdam of an Irish-born father. He worked in the UK Diplomatic Corps but left to help the victims of the great Famine on his brother's estate in Ardee, Co Louth. He founded the Irish Female Emigration Fund in 1852 and helped many young women emigrate to Canada, with the first ship leaving that year.

In pursuit of his goalof improving the situation an Irish emigrants he travelled to the US in coffin ships and carried out a campaign of public lobbying to ensure that condition abroad ships were improved. He helped to found and became the first President of the Irish National Teachers' Organisation, travelling throughout the country campaigning for the maintenance of national schools.

Foster is best known for the popular "Vere Foster National School Writing Books". He died on19 December 1900 and is buried in Belfast.